You’ve been pretty lucky in love though, if I may say so.


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i know that we were all taught in school that mlk jr used PEACE AND LOVE and malcolm x fought with VIOLENCE AND RAGE and thats why we should all be like mlk and not big bad malcolm x but at a certain point you have to realize thats nothing but a sweet white liberal fairy tale and a total misunderstanding of the political actions of both of those important figures and its time for us all to grow the fuck up


August 18, 2014


August 19, 2014






TUESDAY 8/19: Ferguson PD presented a table full of fabricated evidence at this morning’s press conference - allegedly seized from protestors and stopped cars. The Colt 45 Molotov with a white bandana was the crowning glory, turns out you can’t even buy glass 40’s in Missouri. Stay classy, FPD

I seriously think white supremacist are coming in the area to frame the protesters, but it could just be the cops

>implying two different groups

I’ve been skeptical of these claims, but man… this is just embarrassing. 


A woman kneels on the street amid tear gas during a demonstration over the fatal shooting of black teenager Michael Brown by a police officer in Missouri.

Aug. 18, 2014



this is important please spread

Dr. Baden is legit. He has done autopsies in cases like this before and he has always given the results accurately and truthfully. He does not automatically side with law enforcement just because he works in forensics and he has worked in countless murder cases.  If this is what he says, it’s the truth.

New screenshots from LIFE IS STRANGE, an upcoming game by the developers of Remember Me.

"There is ambiguity," Moris said when I asked whether there was a romantic relationship between any of the girls. "But it is mostly still a friendship story before everything," Koch added. "It’s a friendship story and a mystery." (Source)

Bravely Second 

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JUST IN: Amnesty International just announced they’ve sent human rights team to #Ferguson; First time they’ve done that in the US.


  • : The situation in has prompted us to send human rights teams. First time we’ve deployed inside the US.
  • Wow | Amnesty International to send human rights teams to ; first ever deployment inside the US [via /]